The way I shoot is the way I’m looking at the world. Where I direct my eyes, my camera follows the movement and the vibration. I love to be very close to explore the depth of what I am capturing.’

Cécile Delepière is a French native from Aix-en-Provence. She grew up in the inspiring and unique light of the South of France, filling her imagination with beauty, and a fascination for light and shadow.

Since a very young age, Cécile has been a globe-trotter. She has also lived in Paris, Toronto and Los Angeles. She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Her travels have broadened her outlook, and enlarged her painterly palette, resulting in her carefully constructed shots always telling a unique and vibrant story:

Tales encompassing love, beauty, melancholia and romance, with one purpose, to create personal and evocative emotions within the viewer. Her creations are eloquent, sensual and inspirational.

Her camera work has a flow and a natural movement that takes us on a journey toward the story’s end, in a fluid collage of poetic and visceral images, enhanced by her passionate, intuitive and sensitive approach.

Professional and fun to work with, focused and dedicated, Cécile is a multi-talented artist; a creator both in front of and behind the camera.  She directs, shoots, and edits some of her projects, and loves nothing more than to work with a team of collaborative creatives, pulling together to bring their story to life.

Her short film ALMOST THERE was Nominee for Best short film at the Indie Film Festival in Los Angeles and for Best short film at UK Film Festival in London. A couple of years ago, her short film BEÍTH Inspired by Khalil Gibran's poem 'On Death' was awarded -VIDEO OF THE WEEK- by The Awardeo Company and -DAILY SHORT PICK- on Filmshortage. She is the co-creator of DIARY OF AN ACTOR, a web series about the art and craft of acting. And she also runs PETIT KINO, a little ‘cinema’ for families. She has worked on multiple documentaries for French television, and created THE WHO?MEN PROJECT;  a series of portraits about love. Recently she has been creating fashion films for the bridal and evening gowns brand THEIA from Ireland’s top designer Don O’Neill.